About Us

Who are we?

We are Ashlee and Ken.

What matters to us?

We are not going to lie. We are mostly interested in money but not because we like money but because the more we have the more time we can spend with our families not having to take every little weirdo job a pay by the hour job offers.

What we do?

We are working as developer and PM to a software company and on the side, we help customers migrate from wix to wp. All in all, we strive to enjoy the work we do, both individually and as a team.

How we do it?

One thing we learned over the years is that the devil is in the details. No job as simple as it looks at first. Easy money is a myth especially in wix to wordpress migrations if you want to get something done right. Somewhere, somehow everything is going to go bad at some point just because of a little detail we didn’t care or planned for when we first took the project.