Migrating your Wix website to a wordpress one in 5 easy steps

You are probably at that point when you want your events calendar to look in a certain way and you want it to create a certain thing emailing a certain address and you realised wix is just too hardcoded. You tried every suggestion on the web and still nothing.

Well, fear not young jedy! We will guide you on how to jump from wix to wp in no time (well, maybe it’s going to take a while).

Step 1 – find a new host for your future wordpress website

There are a million hosts out there, some of them are real (with datacenters and stuff) some of them are just resellers or small companies that offer a lot for so little trying to grow (just like you). We tested a bunch of hosting companies so you won’t have to.

Step 2 – Install WP

Did you chose a ubuntu server from Digital Ocean?

Maybe do a softaculous install

Step 3 – Prepare the posts to migrate

You can create a list of your posts here with this beautifull script that we created and export them

Step 4 – import the post into your new WP website

Step 5 – Import media

Step 6 – Forward the domain from wix to your new wordpress host.